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About our Sponsors

Welcome to the sponsors’ page for the Real Estate Tax Summit, where we proudly feature five outstanding companies that are leaders in their respective fields: KKOS Lawyers, Directed IRA, Mark J Kohler, Asset Preservation, and Caliber.

These companies have partnered with us to provide valuable insights and expertise to help attendees maximize their tax savings and grow their real estate portfolios.

Mark J Kohler is a nationally recognized attorney, CPA, and best-selling author. He has helped thousands of clients build and protect their wealth through his innovative tax planning strategies. With over 20 years of experience, Mark is an expert in real estate taxation, business structuring, and self-directed retirement accounts. As the keynote speaker at the Real Estate Tax Summit, he will share his wealth of knowledge and provide actionable insights to help attendees save millions of dollars in taxes.

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Directed IRA is a leading provider of self-directed IRA and 401(k) services. With over a decade of experience, they have helped clients across the country invest in alternative assets, including real estate, precious metals, and private placements. Directed IRA offers a full suite of services, including custodial and administrative services, to help clients maximize their investment returns. At the Real Estate Tax Summit, they will showcase their expertise in self-directed retirement accounts and how they can be used to invest in real estate tax-free.

KKOS Lawyers is a boutique law firm that specializes in tax, estate planning, and business law. Led by attorneys Mark J Kohler and Mat Sorensen, they have helped thousands of clients protect and grow their wealth through strategic planning and legal solutions. Their team of experienced attorneys and support staff provides personalized and comprehensive services to help clients achieve their financial goals. At the Real Estate Tax Summit, KKOS Lawyers will showcase their expertise in tax planning and asset protection strategies for real estate investors.

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Our mission at Asset Preservation, Inc. (API) is to help you meet that goal through our expert knowledge of 1031 exchanges – powerful strategies for mitigating capital gain tax liability.

Many investors are becoming aware that the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) provides a vehicle for deferring capital gain taxes while disposing of investment property. This vehicle is the IRC Section 1031 exchange.

Real Estate Investment Experts 

Caliber is a leading vertically integrated asset management firm whose primary goal is to enhance the wealth of investors seeking to make investments in middle-market assets.

We strive to build wealth for our investor clients by creating, managing, and servicing proprietary products, including middle-market investment funds, private syndications, and direct investments. Our funds include investment vehicles focused primarily on real estate, private equity, and debt facilities.

As sponsors of the Real Estate Tax Summit, we are committed to providing valuable insights and expertise to help attendees save money on taxes and build their real estate portfolios. We are excited to have them on board and look forward to their contributions to this year’s event.